5Pointz is Dead! OHOS Memorial Image Gallery

If you have ever been in Long Island City (Queens), New York, you were probably startled by seeing an amazing old building, covered by extraordinary street art and graffiti, as you drove or walked by…  If you are a lover of street art and graffiti, living anywhere in the world, you already knew about this place, and probably visited it when you came to NYC…  It is, or was, called “Five Points” or “5Pointz” and had a great website www.5ptz.com!

BUT NOW IT’S GONE!  5Pointz is history, its art legacy whitewashed away, quietly, secretly, without warning, by its owner with big plans for development, even while the battle to preserve the art raged on in court.  Now it’s destroyed, and lost forever…

Street art and graffiti — the good stuff, done by talented artists — is a source of pleasure and inspiration when you walk past it, or see it fleetingly from the window of a train or car.  OHOS is about the stuff we see and hear on the streets, so we offer up this memorial gallery of photographs taken on a gray day in October 2012 before 5Pointz was destroyed:

RIP 5Pointz…

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