Pivot to Podcast


This blog started as an app idea that never materialized into a product. The project was called “talkback” and the idea was to present, process, and manage all inbound and outbound messaging in ONE place. The talkback app was imagined as emails, texts, and voicemails, all in one super-unified inbox (and outbox). We even came up with a nice logo…

talkback app - a DREAMIT concept / project

After a few years of blogging and social media posting, trying to pitch the project to investors with zero traction, struggling to differentiate our concept from others, and playing with branding, we gravitated away from creating an app, towards building a platform for dialogue and discussion! Next, we awoke our inner provocateurs, developed our desire for debate, and channeled our inner “back-talk” attitudes, all inspired by this photograph of my mom as a child, standing defiant, arms akimbo. That look on her face has “talk-back” all over it, right?


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