Day 49 / 2022 Photo Project365

Saying Goodbye to Spectra

When SPECTRA films were discontinued at the end of 2019, I immediately bought as much as I could afford, just as the pandemic lockdown settled in. That was followed by another batch purchase a month later when I had more money to burn and too much time on my hands.

Why do (did) I love SPECTRA? Well, when I returned to shooting instant film in 2018 after a hiatus of 25 years or so, I realized most of my favorite instant photos from the past were shot on big, rectangular SPECTRA film. And when I started taking new photos on vintage Polaroid cameras, I liked the SPECTRA best, all over again!

Why did they stop making new film for great vintage cameras? Apparently lots of people complained about new SPECTRA film not being quite like the original: jamming in the old cameras, short life-span on the chemistry, poor image quality, etc. So they shut it down.

And this afternoon, I shot my LAST pack of SPECTRA film from the 2020 stash. My post for today is two shots from that pack…

NOTE: I’ll be posting in the next few weeks on my Cameras+Films blog about the history and death of SPECTRA in excruciating detail, with lots more of my instant photos in that format.

Camera: Polaroid SPECTRA SE PRO (vintage)
Film: Polaroid Originals SPECTRA monochrome instant film (recently discontinued)
Photographer: Russ Murray (vintage) 

See you tomorrow!  


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