Day 87 / 2022 Photo Project365

Back to Work in New York City

Though the pandemic plotted and schemed to keep me at home, working remotely, away from the city where I used to work 3-5 days a week — I’m back! COVID has ebbed, mask mandates have been dropped, and it’s time to work face-to-face again. So, today, I jumped on the train and headed into the city, excited to see my clients again outside of a Zoom meeting.

Whenever I’m in NYC, it presents me with a gift: a million (or more) things to see, look at, enjoy, and capture, using whatever camera(s) I have with me. I think it was Steve Jobs who said, “the best camera is the one you have with you” which he invoked as his mantra for revolutionizing mobile phones by putting good-better-best cameras into early iPhones. Now, it’s my mantra too…

I always have an iPhone with me, but usually carry a second camera in my work-backpack. My #2 “in-the-bag” could be a semi-pro digital camera, a 35mm SLR, a 120 film TLR, or one of my vintage or new instant cameras. After years of being in multi-camera-photographer-mode, my clients, colleagues and friends expect me to come fully equipped, and I hate to disappoint them. 🙂

Today I had just the iPhone and multiple meetings scheduled with a colleague in from France, so I could only shoot while walking from one meeting to the next (to fix and edit later), but I did manage to pause and compose a few more carefully. The day was a feast for the eyes — a clear, sunny, cold day, with the March lion roaring fiercely on its way out — but I was so happy to be back to work and taking photos in NYC. Somehow, I took lots and lots of pictures in spite of all the meetings!

The photo for this post is my pick from the day; this guy’s outfit was priceless. No idea why he was sitting there or even why there were chairs to sit on…

Camera: iPhone 11pro
Editing: Hipstamatic app
Photographer: Russ Murray aka remages
Location: Midtown Manhattan “Koreatown”

See you tomorrow… 


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