Day 98 / 2022 Photo Project365

Wine on the Porch, Maybe.

A warm, sunny, beautiful spring day promised wine on the porch. Maybe. Maybe not…

You know how springtime can be — warm days, cool nights, wind, rain — March and April days are full of temperature and mood swings! Spring weather is capricious, fickle, dynamic, and unpredictable. Its seasonal weather like a mystery that unfolds each day, regardless of what the forecasters tell us.

Yesterday felt almost like winter as temps dropped to almost 40 F / 5 C with high winds and cold, torrential rain (my post from yesterday about it). Today was clear, sunny and the temperature climbed up to 60 F/16 C exactly as predicted, allowing us to dream of wine on the porch. Unfortunately, as the sun got low in the sky, the temperature followed it, making it just a little to chilly to enjoy porch-sitting. So I took a couple of Polaroid photos and went back inside. Here are the two shots, with a monochrome edit on each — which do you prefer?

Camera: Polaroid SLR 680SE (vintage)
Film: Polaroid 600 Color instant film (new)
Photographer: Russ Murray (vintage) 
Location: Somewhere in Stamford, CT

See you tomorrow!  


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