Day 113 / 2022 Photo Project365

Hydrant in Bondage.

Subtitle: Estate Sale Saturday Was Fun.

True confession: during the pandemic, we started going to estate sales as a way to get out of lockdown and live some vestige of a life! As a result, we became friendly with all the people who run the estate sales as their business. Now, as COVID-19 becomes more of an ongoing annoyance and less of a pandemic, we are selective about which estate sales we go to, based on the people we’ll see there.

Of course, we’ll always go to any estate sale in a really unusual or exclusive area or neighborhood… We went to several today, but this one was really special for its artifacts, master gardening, and landscaping — and it was just the guest house!

After we left the guest/beach house estate sale, we went down a side street and I saw a fire hydrant wrapped in what appeared to be warning/emergency-cautionary plastic tape. Since it was painted bright yellow, I could not imagine why the hydrant needed anything to make it more visible and worthy of attention. It was the kind of scenario that makes you wonder what was going on at the time — of course, I thought it was worthy of a photograph. Closer examination of the chaotic tape-wrapping made me think the work was most likely done by a child having fun, without a good reason. Or one or more adults under the influence… So the portrait of a “Hydrant in Bondage” became my featured image for this post!

Camera: iPhone 11pro
Editing: Hipstamatic app
Photographer: Russ Murray aka “remages
Location: Shippan Point, Stamford, CT

See you tomorrow… 


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