Day 120 / 2022 Photo Project365

My Daughter’s Twenty-Oneness.

Today’s post is all about my daughter, who turned 21 on April 30, 2022. She amazed us all by flipping the “grownup” switch when she turned 18, the BIG, traditional, coming-of-age milestone in most ways other than the (legal) right to buy/drink alcoholic beverages.

So what is 21 about? I guess it’s when most kids are graduating from college and preparing to enter the adult working world, so it’s a celebration of independence. And in the USA, it brings the ability to finally buy and consume alcohol without asking a friend or using a fake ID… And trust me — knowing my daughter — she took full advantage of that new ability on her 21st birthday!

In a post-divorce family with step-parents and step-siblings, I’ve been really fortunate to have lots of quality time over the years with my daughter. Most of her girlfriends were also in divorce-families, but my daughter was the only one (according to her) who didn’t “hate” her dad! I must have done something right… We have lots of great father-daughter memories, especially from age 17-19, when she traveled with me on business, and ultimately ended up with a coveted internship at one of my clients in NYC! They adored her… (Super-proud dad moment!)

Anyway, my daughter is a beautiful human, cousin, niece, stepchild, aunt, and granddaughter, who has lived for 21 trips around the sun so far. Here are four galleries of photographs to celebrate her 21st birth anniversary…

The Early Years:

Older & Bolder:

Polaroids: Internship

Family & Friends:

This was posted 2 days late, because I had so many great photos of my daughter to go through. It was a barrage of beautiful memories, which took me some extra time to enjoy! ❤

See you tomorrow… 


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