Day 141 / 2022 Photo Project365

The Feather and the Rosebush.

It rained last night. The morning air was cool and calm and fresh. Humidity had been washed out of the air, saturating the sodden ground, making footfalls moist and muted, covering leaves and other smooth, horizontal surfaces with beaded droplets.

Looking around the garden, I noticed a downy feather dangling below a pair of new-growth rosebush leaves. It wasn’t stuck on a thorn as you might expect; it was caught on the sawtooth edge of one leaf, which had apparently coaxed it to leave its avian host…

Looking at the feather more closely, I marveled at the long, soft strands and wondered what sort of bird would have such a big, downy feather! I ran all the usual suspects through my mind and came up empty — then I thought — could it be an owl? I remembered the huge barred owl we saw perched last year on a wire behind the house and thought it was the right size to have such a large, downy feather. Then I Googled owls and feathers and confirmed it!

Camera: iPhone 13 Pro Max
Editing: Hipstamatic app
Photographer: Russ Murray aka “remages
Location: Somewhere in Stamford, CT

See you tomorrow… 


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