Thanks for finding me here! As you may have already figured out, this blog and website is about me — Russell E. Murray — my work, photography, writing, miscellaneous ideas/thoughts, and myriad projects-in-progress.

Wander around my site using the menu above, or click on these these links to check out my photography (mostly art-nature-architecture personal images, but also business images and web content), writing (mostly haiku and senryu short-form poetry), miscellaneous projects (my mind keeps coming up with ideas), work (what I do for a living) and personal blog posts (mostly emotional rants).

Please read, view, enjoy, react, comment, and contact me with anything on your mind.

— Russ —

[ Here are a few images from my past… ]

Russ Murray - clowning - unicycle - college
Rusty the Clown, at College in 1982… (on a 6′ unicycle)
Russ Murray aka "Rusty"
Russ Murray aka “Rusty” – 1969 – my early fascination with Technology!
Rusty Murray - robot costume - Halloween
Halloween 1966 (?) Pretty sure I was Robbie the Robot from Lost in Space… 
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