Untimely / departures, loved ones / leave too soon.


Untimely / departures, loved ones / leave too soon. // haikumages

Twoku: Tragic, untimely / painful, ongoing, sadly / one more leaves too soon.

Yet another young person we knew — a man in his early twenties — left us today.  Yet another body, mind, and spirit broken, another life ruined, ended before its time, by abuse and addiction.  There is already enough death to deal with, without this epidemic bringing it too soon, and too often…

 – the Haikook –

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Science of Happiness? The Secret is Expressing Gratitude!

I found this video on www.UPWORTHY.com – a digest of the best, most inspiring, important and/or interesting news bits, posts, and articles online.  A man named Rafael Casal made the post and commented briefly about the video, which was originally created by “Soul Pancake”, and like Rafael, I got choked up watching it.

This video and its topic have particular significance for me, because I am seen/known as a hyper-optimist, a life-long, dyed-in-the-wool HAPPY guy, who always has a smile on his face!  But, I am NOT always happy – trust me!  So I watched it to see if it really contained the secret to my happiness (and yours)…  It was GREAT!!

So, regardless of your mood or perspective on “happiness” and/or your current location or situation…you need to watch this video as a “feel good” bit of quasi-science, which will (most likely) make you teary-eyed, and is totally worth it.  You will be glad you did, and perhaps inspired to call up someone special and express your gratitude to them…


 – Russ Murray