OverHerd+OverScene is here!

Overheard Overseen

OverHerd+OverScene is here!

Little bit of a tongue-twister? You can call it Overheard-Overseen or “OHOS” for short, if you prefer.

OHOS is a project of mine, showcasing my own street photography, as well as providing a forum, community for sharing stories – newsy, entertaining, inspiring, frightening – words, images, videos!

As I say on the OHOS site, it’s all about “Things heard over the herd, and scenes we’ve seen…” My images and stories, and yours too!

Check out the OHOS blog and website at http://overherdoverscene.com

Submit your OHOS stories to: submit@overherdoverscene.com

Ask questions about OHOS by emailing: info@ohos.info

– Russ Murray

Haikumages = Haiku + Images (mine)

Please check out my haiku and images blog at http://haikumages.com

My love of words, writing and language came from my father.  The love of photography came from a desire to say something in images captured from the world around me…