2017 is the Year of Sanctuary for ALL Americans!

2017 is the Year of Sanctuary for ALL Americans

Awakening late on January 1, 2017, with the first coffee of a new year in my hand, I reflected on both the year behind, and the year ahead. Much of what I thought about, has been thought, said, posted, and/or published by me or someone else already. But one topic, point-of-view, issue, and cause for the year ahead rose above all others: the need to support and protect all Americans from the racism, misogyny, and xenophobia., which has been unleashed, fueled, supported, and empowered by our President-elect. This is how tyranny begins, and it must be stopped…img_0739

So I posted the words below to Facebook, accompanied by symbolic safety-pin images I created after the US presidential election, while sanctuary cities, the Mayors against Trump, and other groups were beginning to join together and speak out to protect ALL Americans in the days ahead…

. . .

2017 is the year of sanctuary. Of Americans protecting the rights and well-being of ALL Americans. Of celebrating our differences, and gaining strength from our sameness. In this year, we must ensure that the fabric of our society, of our great country, continues to be woven with richly colorful and diverse threads of humanity.

In this year, good people must speak out, and act, individually, and together, for the greater good, fighting darkness with light; strong actions, with stronger resistance. Yes, it will be a fight, not just a peaceful resistance, but it is a fight well worth fighting. Liberty is worth fighting for — not just for the few, those who look/believe the same, or those who claim the same heritage — freedom for ALL Americans!

I am ready to fight for freedom, mine and yours…

— RM —

Warm Christmas Day walk / beautiful cacophony / all cultures and faiths!

My haiku about a wonderful Christmas Day…


Warm Christmas Day walk / beautiful cacaphony / all cultures, all faiths. // haiku - micropoetry - haikumages

I went walking with my family, for two miles at the beach, on the warmest Christmas Day of our lives so far. We expected a few non-Christians, of course, but were pleasantly surprised by the number and diversity of people and their families, which we encountered on our walk… What I saw inspired me to write the haiku title of this post, and to joyfully, irreverently mangle the Christmas carol “Twelve Days of Christmas” as follows:

On a warm day of Christmas, walking on the beach, there were:

Twelve drivers driving,
Eleven people prattling,
Ten Latins laughing,
Nine children running,
Eight Muslims musing,
Seven Jews a-jogging,
Six Christians chatting,
Five Hindu fam-il-ies,
<pause to take a breath>
Four calling moms,
Three French men,
Two mixed couples,
And a Buddhist in a good mood..!

DISCLAIMER: this re-write of the Christmas classic song verse was done to match the cadence and alliteration…

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The weather forecast / an ill wind blowing, cloudy / a chance of bullets.

My haiku and blog post from Haikumages…


The weather forecast / an ill wind blowing, cloudy / a chance of bullets. // micropoetry - haiku - haikumages

A mass shooting in San Bernardino, California, has left at least 14 dead and at least 17 others wounded. But San Bernardino wasn’t the only mass shooting in America on that day.  Early on the same day, a gunman opened fire in Savannah, Georgia, leaving three men injured and one woman dead.

The sad thing is we are talking about &quot;today's&quot; shooting...

A “mass shooting” is defined as an incident involving gunfire, from one or more shooters, which results in four (4) or more dead, which may include the shooter(s).

As I write this haiku post, apparently–as I learned from from a reliable, unbiased source–there have been more mass shootings (355+) in the USA in 2015, than elapsed days (337)!!!

Complimentary Bullet-Proof Vest - entering the USATHE TRUTH: let’s not fool ourselves any longer, let’s not mince words, let’s not distort reality! The mass shooting San Bernardino was yet another act of DOMESTIC TERRORISM on U.S. soil, regardless of whatever shooters’ motive may be ultimately uncovered…

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Flip lever / fill oval, make choice / feel power.


Scary election / negative and rancorous / coming to a close.

Twoku: Election / choices, reflections / selections.

Threeku: Election battles / ending at last, decisions / a sigh of relief.

 – The Haikook



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