A few things I enjoy other than work and family: my creative outlets, causes I support, and myriad other activities to keep my brain, heart and soul occupied and satisfied…

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OHOS = OverHerd-OverScene / OverHeard-OverSeenOHOS is the abbreviation for my OverHerd+OverScene blog and several related social feeds, documenting people, places, events, scenarios, street art and graffiti. OHOS was created to present “the things we’ve heard over the herd & scenes we’ve seen” as both news and entertainment. The concept was to curate photography and video including my work and submissions from others, but since nobody submitted, it ended up just being my stuff…  🙂

piclister - a Russ Murray concept / projectPicLister – this is a mobile “social shopping” app idea-in-progress. Hoping for a formal launch eventually, possibly with venture capital funding, but as it drags out, I might just undertake the PicLister app project myself, maybe with the help of a local or offshore developer (or two) that will work and invest their “sweat equity” towards a future return (the standard startup mantra). So…let me know if you know a guy, who knows a guy, who…well, you know what I mean…  🙂

talkback app = conversations instead of messagesAnd then there’s talkback – an app concept and project I just launched (as if I needed another distraction) to enable more conversational digital interactions between people in messaging and social media. There will be more information coming about it soon, as the idea evolves into imagined functionality, and an actual business plan…

WALKABOUT – I am a proud alum of the Walkabout Program, formerly located in Yorktown Heights, NY, which was launched in 1978, and ran for 37 years. Proud to have helped to create and launch the new version of the program, named Walkabout Education in 2018. They launched their first new school — the Walkabout Bronx High School — in September of 2020.

WAA = Walkabout Alumni AssociationI am also a co-founder and current board member of the Walkabout Alumni Association (WAA – known as @walkaboutalumni socially), which provides resources, forums, networking, gatherings, events, community and support services for graduates of the original and future Walkabout program(s) and school(s).

Today, most of my projects are photographic, focusing on instant and other film photography. Check them out on (Russell E. Murray + Images = remages).

— Russ —

OHOS = OverHerd-OverScene - visitor pondering modern art at the Whitney Museum
OHOS – a visitor pondering modern art at the Whitney Museum
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