Yeah, I work for a living too. I can’t just play with cameras and be a social media gadfly all the time, apparently!  I am self-employed, and have two software/tech businesses:

Agency Solutions is my software & services company, with partner Pierre Charpy, providing accounting and management solutions for model, talent, and artist agencies. Our core product and intellectual property is AgencyMGR for agency accounting, originally called “WinModels” and launched in 1997 (NYC) by the company Frenchware, with history running back to mainframes and the first agencies in Paris. I became a managing partner and co-owner of AgencyMGR in 2010, after the founder (my dear friend) passed away.

And then there’s Randomatrix or “RMX”, formed after a trademark dispute (lost) over my company DREAMIT, which rose from the ashes of my first successful company Watts Up

Randomatrix LLC / RMX / Software-Technology Solutions / Creative Services

Randomatrix is my software solutions and consulting services company, launched in 2006. As a solution provider, Randomatrix represents various software and SaaS (software-as-a-service) systems for ERP (accounting, distribution, logistics, manufacturing, etc.), POS and retail management, CRM, web development, and e-Commerce, with a focus on the fashion/apparel industry. As a services provider Randomatrix offers management consulting, social media/marketing and other technology support services.

Please email me at either or accordingly,  if you would like more information about either company.

— Russ —

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