Yeah, I work for a living too. Apparently, I can’t just play with cameras and be a social gadfly-git all the time… Today, I own one tech business, co-own another, and own a tiny talent agency.

Agency Solutions is a software & services company providing accounting, booking, imaging and web content management systems for model, talent, and artist agencies. Our core solution is AgencyMGR for agency accounting, launched in 1998 as “WinModel” by the company Frenchware, which had a long history with the first agencies in Paris processing their accounting on mainframe computers. I became a managing partner and co-owner in 2010, after the founder (my dear friend) passed away. Email for more information.

Randomatrix or “RMX” is my software solutions and consulting company, launched in 2016 after a trademark dispute over my company DREAMIT which rose from the ashes of my first company Watts Up. As a solution provider, Randomatrix works with various cloud and on-premise systems for ERP (accounting, distribution, manufacturing, etc.), POS/retail, and e-Commerce, focusing on food, fashion, and cannabis. Services include: management consulting, digital marketing, web development, and tech support services. Email for more information.

And finally, I launched a talent agency named Exist Management in 2019, which also acts as model scout and mother agent. This was after several clients asked me to scout for them and several talented people asked me to represent them! I am honored to work with the best agencies in the world and proud to represent diverse talent including: musicians, performers, creatives, and one amazing chef. Email for more information.

// Russ Murray 

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