Yeah, I work for a living too. I can’t just create and be a social media gadfly all the time, apparently!  I am self-employed, and have two software/tech businesses:

Agency Manager - Banner

The "AM" Agency Manager square logo / icon.Agency Manager – is my software & services company, with partner Pierre Charpy, providing management solutions for model, talent, artist Agencies. Founded in 1997 (NYC) as Frenchware / WinModels, with history running back to mainframes and the first agencies in Paris, I became a managing partner in 2012, after my friend the founder passed away.

Products & Solutions:The noted "ab" logo for Agency Booker AgencyManager is for operations, management, accounting, taxes, reporting and finance, while AgencyBooker (“Booker”) is for agents and managers booking models, talent & artists: sending out portfolios, selected images, and content updates to websites.

AgencyBooker - from Agency Manager - booking system, imaging, mobile, web

And then there’s DREAMIT, formed from the ashes of my first successful company Watts Up

DREAMIT - Russ Murray - Russell E. Murray - company

DREAMIT – is my creative/talent agency, solutions and services provider company, launched in 2006. As an agency, Dreamit represents designers, musicians and other talent for publishing, media, and other clients. As a solution provider, DREAMIT - square "D" logo / icon - designed by Russ MurrayDreamit represents various software and SaaS (software-as-a-service) solutions, for POS and retail management, fashion/apparel and general ERP (accounting, distribution, manufacturing), as well as CRM e-Commerce.  As a services provider Dreamit offers management consulting, social media/marketing and other technology support services.

Please email me at either or (no doubt, you can figure out which is which) if you would like more information about my work in either company…

 – Russ Murray

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