Yeah, I work for a living too. I can’t just create and be a social media gadfly all the time, apparently!  I am self-employed, and have two software/tech businesses:

Agency Manager - Banner

Agency Manager – is my software & services company, with partner Pierre Charpy, providing management solutions for model, talent, artist Agencies. Founded in 1997 (NYC) as Frenchware / WinModels, with history running back to mainframes and the first agencies in Paris, I became a managing partner in 2012, after my friend the founder passed away.

Products & Solutions: AgencyManager is for operations, management, accounting, taxes, reporting and finance, while Booker is for agents and managers booking models, talent & artists: sending out portfolios, selected images, and content updates to websites.

And then there’s RANDOMATRIX, formed after a trademark dispute (lost) over my company DREAMIT, which rose from the ashes of my first successful company Watts Up


RANDOMATRIX is my creative/talent agency, solutions and services provider company, launched in 2006. As an agency, RANDOMATRIX represent designers, musicians and other talent for publishing, media, and other clients. As a solution provider, RANDOMATRIX represents various software and SaaS (software-as-a-service) solutions, for POS and retail management, fashion/apparel and general ERP (accounting, distribution, manufacturing), as well as CRM e-Commerce.  As a services provider  RANDOMATRIX offers management consulting, social media/marketing and other technology support services.

Please email me at either or accordingly,  if you would like more information about my work in either company…

 – Russ Murray

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