Yeah, I work for a living too. Apparently, I can’t just play with cameras and be a social gadfly-git all the time… Here’s what I spend my days doing:

Agency Solutions is my software & services company providing accounting, booking, imaging and content management systems for model, talent, and artist agencies. In Q1 2023, we will join with a French company, to deliver and support agency solutions worldwide! Email for more information.

Randomatrix (“RMX”) is my software solutions and consulting company, working with various cloud and on-premise systems for ERP, accounting, distribution, manufacturing, POS-retail management, and e-Commerce. Email for more information.

Cameras+Films is a blog and online store, sourcing and selling new and vintage cameras, films, photography accessories, add-ons, extras, and ephemera. I post often about life, creativity, and the photographer’s journey. Email for more information.

Exist Management is my tiny, one-person, talent agency and model-scouting company. Thinking about making some clothing designs with some fabulous friends, under the brand “XIST” as part of this some day soon. Email for more information.

// russ murray

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