Of course, I work for a living. Can’t just play with cameras and be a social gadfly-git all the time… Here’s what I do with my workdays:

MTA is my software & services company providing accounting, booking, imaging and content management systems for model, talent, and artist agencies. Email for more information.

Exist Management is my management and scouting business run through one of my companies (dba). Managing musicians, culinary, and other talent. Scouting models for my agency clients. Email for more information.

Randomatrix is my software, systems, consulting company, working with ERP, accounting, distribution, manufacturing, retail, and e-Commerce solutions. Email for more information.

Cameras+Films or “C+F” is a blog and online store, sourcing and selling new and vintage cameras, films, photography accessories, and ephemera. I post about life, creativity, and the photographer’s journey. Email for more information.

// russ murray

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