The way I like to tell my personal photo-story is:

“I became interested in photography at the age of 7 (1968) watching my mother use her Kodak Retina 35mm camera on family trips, in nearby New York City, and around the house. But I fell in love with photography in 1976 when she gave me my first camera: a Kodak Instamatic X-15 using 126 film cartridges! Nothing and no subject was safe after that.”

–Russell E. Murray aka “Rusty” aka “remages” (see below)

My full name is Russell E. Murray, so my initials “REM” are also the acronym for “Rapid Eye Movement”, the eye/brain activity which indicates deep-sleep dreaming is in-progress; the place where the best (and most interesting) thoughts and visions happen. So, in the spirit of “R.E.M.” (dreams, not the band), my photography and video work is posted to some feeds under a pseudonym combining “REM”+”images” = REMAGES.

remages = photography & imagery to delight the senses, confound the mind, evoke feelings, provoke reactions.

  • Specializing in portraits, candid & street photography, art-abstract, beautiful and bizarre elements and aspects of everyday objects.
  • Drawn to unusual points-of-view, different perspectives, alternative takes, the-space-between, things unseen; the essence of things.
  • Tools: today, I use instant, film, and digital devices — new, vintage, hi-res, lo-res, old-school, new-school, retro, hi-tech — pretty much anything I can get my hands on to chase and capture the light!

Here are some places you can see my work:

Russell E. Murray - REMAGES - Portrait with his digital SLR in hand.

Still images (photography)
Steller (stories/series)
UNSPLASH (free stock photos!)

Sparkling images (video)

// russ murray [remages]

Ash tree breaks through metal gate with peeling paint // remages
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