Though my dad was a published poet and letter-to-the-editor-writer, short poetry is my chosen vehicle, my idiom, my groove. Crafting words in 5-7-5 / 3-5-3 / 2-3-2 / and free-forms; taking liberties with traditional structures, while also honoring them.

If, as they say, brevity is the soul of wit, and since I count myself among the (occasionally) witty wordsmiths who walk among us, perhaps my love of wit is why I love brief, short-form poetry a.k.a.: “micropoetry” in modern parlance…

haikumages - haiku & images by russ murray

I write only Haiku and Senyru; NOT Tanka, limericks or other forms – I guess it’s the jewel-like faceting, crafting (OCD?) of 17 (or 11, or 7) well-chosen syllables, into a thought-image, which inspires and intrigues me.  And, combining these short poems with my photographs (Haiku + Images = “Haikumages”) takes it to a different place.  My purpose in pairing pictures with words, is to add depth and dimension to the “thought-image” of each haiku, not to dilute, pollute, or otherwise spoil it!

One of my Haikumages - by Russ Murray

If, as they say, a picture is indeed “worth a thousand words”, that’s a lot of haiku!  But with the nuances and multiple meanings of words, plus the combinations, arrangements, and phrasings used, don’t you think words can be worth a thousand words too?  The possibilities are limitless, infinite!  Good thing I’m writing short poetry…  🙂

haikumages = haiku + images by russ murrayTumblr

Haikugrams (Blogger)

My other writings are mostly random quips, rants, blurts, puns (the lowest form of humor) and miscellaneous wordplay, mostly found on my Facebook page, elsewhere on this personal blog, or on my various work and project sites…

Oh, and in honor of the main source of my inspiration, in his loving memory, and because the world deserves to enjoy his words too, I maintain a site about my Dad’s writing: George Murray, Poet.

// Russ 

Another of my Haikumages - by Russ Murray

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