My writings here are about my photography and travels, with random musings, ideas, reactions, rants, and puns (the lowest form of humor). The rest of what I write is poetry — specifically haiku and senryu — on Haikumages.

Though my dad was a published long-form poet and prolific letter-to-the-editor writer, “micro-poetry” is my chosen poetical vehicle. Crafting words in 5-7-5 / 3-5-3 / 2-3-2 and free-forms; taking liberties with traditional structures, while also honoring them.

So far, my poetry has been limited to the short forms of Haiku and Senryu. I guess it’s the jewel-like faceting; the crafting of 17 (or 11, or 7) well-chosen syllables, into a minimalistic “thought-image” which inspires and intrigues me. And, combining my short poems with my photographs (Haiku + Images = “Haikumages“) takes them to a different place. My purpose in pairing pictures with words is to add depth and dimension to my poetry, NOT to dilute, pollute, or diminish it!

If, as they say, a picture is indeed “worth a thousand words” then…wow! That’s a lot of haiku per picture! But with the nuances and multiple meanings of words, combinations, arrangements, and phrasings, don’t you think a few carefully-selected words can be worth a thousand words (or more) too? The possibilities are limitless, infinite! Good thing I’m writing short poetry…

Haikumages feeds:

Oh, and in honor and loving memory of the main source of my writing inspiration, and because the world deserves to enjoy his words too, I maintain a site about my Dad’s writing: George Murray, Poet.

// Russ Murray

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