Over-Herd-Over-Scene or “OHOS” was what I used to call my journal of odd and funny things I heard people say. Over time, it evolved into a quirky, interactive, street-style photojournalism of people, art, events, places, and moments from my work and travels.

OHOS = things heard over the herd & scenes we’ve seen.

Things we’ve heard and seen played out on the stage of life. Stories which need to be told. Some things are inspiring and uplifting; some are amusing, hysterical, and funny. Some things are interesting, informative, newsworthy, and eye-opening. Others are sad, scary, frightening, or tragic. Some things we wish we could forget, but they still need to be shared. OHOS is all of that.

OHOS Mini Slideshow — Digital, Instant & Film:

  • Puppet Fireman / remages
  • OHOS - Bushwick Street Art - Graffiti - OverHerd-OverScene


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