The Wind Tries Mary (in NYC)

The Wind Tries Mary | remages

OK, ok, the title is clearly a play on “The Wind Cries Mary”, written by Jimi Hendrix after an argument with his girlfriend…but I’m talking about the killer wind in NYC yesterday – extreme gusts blowing even the big people around!  The wind did indeed try Mary, and everybody else, including me…

I was taking a picture of my favorite New York City building – the Flatiron – can’t get enough of it, even though it’s a cliche! I always look for some detail, angle, or view that nobody has taken before, or at least not too often…the classic shot is from the north, looking south, either from Fifth Avenue, or Broadway.  I had just left a client meeting at 20th and Fifth, and was walking towards the subway at 22nd and Park, when I decided to take a shot of the southwest corner of the Flatiron building, brightly lit by late afternoon March sun.  It was windy, so I braced myself to take the picture with my iPhone.  As I leaned back, a gust of wind hit me so hard that I almost fell on my back, and left me staggering drunkenly to recover my balance! I laughed – what else could I do – and looked around at all the other New Yorkers on Fifth Avenue and 22nd Street.  Hair was flying, coats flapping, briefcases twirling, people wobbling, angry looks at the sky, smiles, laughter, and heads-shaking with disbelief at the wind’s force…  I imagine there was at least one person named Mary among them…

So…after recovering my equilibrium, and taking in the scene, I glanced skyward myself.  A fast-moving cloud was racing along with purpose, directly above and parallel to the 21st street corridor, as if following someone below.  I grabbed the shot as it reached – from my point of view – the center point between the four buildings at 21st and Fifth… Enjoy!  Maybe I’ll post the shot-from-behind of the Flatiron building tomorrow, for your viewing pleasure…

Anyway, if the title of this post gave you a hankering for Jimi Hendrix and “The Wind Cries Mary” then fire it up on your iPod, a CD, or even some vintage vinyl…or go look for it on YouTube.  The YouTube video I found and posted in here originally was “Live at Monterey” but it was removed due to a copyright violation (Jimi’s estate?).  If you find that one, yes, it looks like Jimi was chewing gum during the whole song…  🙂


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