Day 75 / 2022 Photo Project365


Walks By the Water; 2 Years Later.

Today marks “my” COVID-lockdown two-year-anniversary. On this date in 2020 I headed down to my office in NYC with trepidation as the lockdown began, cases rising rapidly, hospitals filling up, fatalities climbing. The city was weirdly empty, with delivery and a few regular people on the street, mostly masked, socially-distanced, all looking around as if frightened.

After my quick trip, I returned home, converted to 100% remote work, and began taking daily “pandemic sanity walks” on which I searched for (and found) beauty in the midst of the chaos and uncertainty. My favorite place to walk became Cove Island Park (Stamford, CT) with paved track-loops that allowed social distancing, as well as the calm and serenity of watching the waves on Long Island Sound…

Two years later, with the “new normal” in place, my daily walks – almost always at Cove Park –…

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