Day 157 / 2022 Photo Project365


Lesson in a Coffeeshop.

Humbled, the local café I go to often, has many inspiring and comforting words on its walls. From the frequency of my visits over years, all the words are familiar to me; all insights instilled, and lessons learned. Or so I thought…

Today, standing third in line gave me an unaccustomed point-of-view, making me aware of an accidental lesson to be learned from the words on the walls of my coffeeshop. When I noticed the juxtaposition and inversion of words and phrases I’d seen and read many times, through partial and inverted reflections, a new lesson was revealed:

Love people as you are.

— Humbled Coffeeshop

Of course, we’ve all heard variations of the maxim “love people for who they are” but it was illuminating to see it turned around as an examination of self and how we love others!

The full, unedited view of my…

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