Frames Within Frames.

274 / 365 Project 2022

Walking out of our second-floor studio/office today, I looked across at factory walls and windows on the other side of the loading alley. I noticed three colored rectangles within a rectangle, within another rectangle, within a rectangle along with many other rectangles, within more rectangles, etcetera.

It was like a miniature Mark Rothko painting, nestled inside an M. C. Escher tessellation. Then I noticed the hexagonal mesh of industrial, chicken-wire reinforcing each pane of glass in the windows, and realized I was going down a rabbit-hole of shapes within shapes!

I had to cease counting shapes, angles, and stop tessellating after I realized the windowsills, bricks in the wall, and the wall itself, were all rectangles too. Seemed like an infinite, never-ending series of frames within frames…

Here are the edits, from whitewashed minimalism, to murky maximalism:

Camera: iPhone 13 Pro Max
Editing: Hipstamatic app
Photographer: Russ Murray aka “remages
Location: The Philips factory building, Stamford, CT

See you tomorrow… 

// russ murray [remages]

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