First Pack of Blues

Polaroid Blue 600 Reclaimed Edition Instant Film

When I saw Polaroid’s email announcing a new, blue, “accidental” instant film, made (partially) with reclaimed materials left from their standard 600-format film manufacturing process, I immediately ordered a 5-pack. When my little box arrived a couple of days later, I tore it open excitedly, made a video about the whole film-unboxing, vintage camera-loading process, and showed off my first shot! Check out the video here.

Thrilled by the results of my first Blue 600 exposure — a glass sun in the garden — I headed off to brunch in Brooklyn with loved ones, who became the subjects of my second exposure. As soon as I got home, I posted my second pic from the pack and waxed euphoric about the new film. Then I had to figure out where to point my vintage Polaroid 680 SE SLR camera for the remaining six precious shots in the pack…

They ended up being familiar subjects; things I know well and have shot before, so I could see what blue would do with them, compared to previous films and cameras. Well, I loved ALL the results — I’m diggin’ the blues! Here are all eight shots from my first pack of Polaroid Blue 600, in order of exposure:

I posted two of these Blue 600 photos to a couple of Polaroid groups on Flickr. Two days later, I was delighted to discover this one, which I call “2 Chains on a Cherry Tree” was selected for Flickr’s EXPLORE page! Apparently, it’s a pretty cool thing…

Polaroid Week Blues

In my little film-fridge in the basement, four more packs of the blues await their exposures…

Camera: Polaroid SLR 680SE (vintage)
Film: Polaroid Blue 600 instant film (new)
Photographer: Russ Murray (vintage) 
Location: Stamford, CT & Brooklyn, NY

I also posted about Polaroid Blue 600 film on my Cameras+Films blog, focused (pun intended) less on creativity, more on the tech, the camera, and the process — check it out here.

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